Treatment & Diversion Programs

Not all treatment and diversion programs are created equal.

Getting into the right program that fits your needs can make the difference between you getting well and staying well. There are three key components to finding the right program for you.

First, we will conduct in an in-depth discussion and evaluation of your needs.

This begins with your initial interview with me. We will not only talk about any current legal problems, but also your goals, and what you want and need to be successful. Often issues or problems that have never been addressed are a barrier to successful treatment.

Second, I will refer you to one or several top medical or mental health professionals, who will have an interest in helping you, not judging you.

I work with medical doctors, mental health professionals, and other experienced experts who will take the time to perform a comprehensive evaluation and make a meaningful diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

Third, my job is to put together all of the information gathered from you, from the experts, from family and friends, and in the legal case file in order to tell your story, to be your voice.

Frequently, the Court, the DA and others need to know why you deserve a chance, particularly if you have failed several times before in treatment. Sometimes a program needs to know why it should take you back. It is my job to make a compelling argument based on your story, including the opinion of the experts, on why you can be successful.

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