Mental Health / LPS Conservatorships

I advise families and individuals about their legal rights when a person suffers from a developmental disability or mental illness, including diseases related to aging such as dementia and Alzheimer's.

Where a person is not able to care for his or her needs, is being taken advantage of, or is a danger to himself or others, legal action may be necessary.

There are often steps than can and should be taken before a conservatorship is sought.

If someone you care about is at risk, I am always available to provide a free consultation to help in these matters.

Additionally, I am appointed by the courts in some matters to represent proposed conservatees, the person who is to be placed on a conservatorship.

My role is to be his or her voice in the system, protect my client's legal rights, ensure everything is done properly, and make certain my client is treated with dignity and respect.

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