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Mental Health & Treatment Law

My practice focuses exclusively on Mental Health & Treatment Law. I provide legal representation and mental health advocacy to families and individuals when someone is suffering from an untreated mental illness, substance abuse, and/or co-occurring disorders.

I accept a wide array of mental health and substance abuse matters, ranging from:

  • Working with families of mentally ill adults and children on mental health planning, obtaining treatment services, and crisis management
  • Representing and advocating on behalf of families and patients at facility hearings, administrative hearings, treatment conferences and meetings, and in court
  • Litigating LPS and related mental health matters, including violation of patients' rights, involuntary holds, capacity hearings, and LPS conservatorships
  • Litigating criminal matters, where the charged individual suffers from mental illness or substance abuse issues — advocating for treatment in lieu of punishment
  • Advising and representing physicians and facilities in the mental health and addiction fields
Four factors make my practice unique:
  1. Coordinated legal strategy: Working closely with your designated family members, a dedicated treatment team, any involved governmental agencies, and the courts to address both the case and the underlying causes.
  2. More than 25 years' experience in criminal defense litigation and appeals: I have successfully represented clients charged in criminal cases ranging from homicides to DUIs, and in non-criminal matters, such as conservatorships, DMV hearings, dependency hearings and appeals. I am committed to helping people get treatment instead of punishment, whether this is their first time in the legal system, or have repeatedly failed in diversion and past treatment programs. I don't give up on my clients.
  3. Expertise in helping clients into diversion and treatment programs: Focusing on getting clients in need of treatment to the right programs to address their individual needs, including: Diversion Programs, Drug Court, DUI Court, Mental Health Court, Veterans Diversion, and to other needed treatment options both in and outside of the court system.
  4. Concierge Legal Service: Comprehensive client-directed representation based on the client's needs, not billable hours.

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